Products & Services

  • Services:

    Converted Film Inventory Management -

    At PlusPoint Group, LLC, we have an excellent history with Vendor Managed Inventory programs and can provide custom inventory management services to your procurement and inventory management process.

    Creative Design -

    Through our design partners, PlusPoint Group provides excellent creative design services.  We can be involved from the beginning to basically anywhere along the design and approval process that you choose.  Our partner designers are among the best in the industry as it relates to converted packaging materials.

  • Printed/Laminated Packaging Structures -

    PlusPoint Group, LLC, provides printed and laminated flexible packaging materials to the food industry, specializing in the Bakery/Snack area. We can supply up to 10 colors in printed flexographic or rotogravure print, extrusion and adhesive laminations, and Cold-Seal applications.

    Along with our converter partners, PlusPoint Group has the ability to provide your company's needs for many areas in custom flexible packaging, including, but not limited to the following:
    ·         -  Surface Printed Rollstock
    ·         -  Adhesive Laminated Rollstock: (Unprinted / Reverse Print / Surface Print)
    ·         -  Extrusion Laminated Rollstock:  (Unprinted / Reverse Print / Surface Print)
    ·         -  10-Color Printing (Extended Color Gamut)
    ·         -  Stand-up Pouches (SuP's)
    ·         -  Patterned Cold Seal Applications
    ·         -  Inno-Lok Rollstock
    ·         -  Controlled Atmosphere Packaging (CAP) - (Laser Perfs for prescribed respiration)